What is Lengo?


Lengo encourages users to recognise their own performance. They can also seek reward to achievement from their assessors and gain peer recognition from other learners.

Lengo uses a ‘Point of Learning’ concept to use technology to capture and use feedback to support learning and performance based on individual need, progression and development.

How Lengo works


  • Allows Performance Based Conversations
  • Providing learning and development opportunities
  • Encourages consistent coaching that affects changed behaviours and employee development
  • Targeted Staff Development
  • Encouragement to Staff
  • Identify areas of under performance
  • Document Employee Performance
  • Allows for Employee Growth
  • Ongoing evaluation saves time
  • Providing maximum opportunities for career growth
  • Consistent messaging to employees
  • Regularly providing open and transparent feedback to an employee
  • Peer Coaching is a key part of the process
  • Positive enforcement through the process
  • Employees work in groups which we call Communities of Practice.

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Empowering Professional Development and performance management

Lengo uses an app for awarding learning credits and an online collaborative space for users to share ideas, best practice and resources.

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We are a network of training and education leaders specialising in technologies to maximise the impact of professional development.

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